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  • Prestige living in the heart of Kowloon
    The Kadoorie Estate
    Prestige living in the heart of Kowloon
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Inside Outside Living
Having secured a large tract of land in the early 1930s, the founding fathers of The Kadoorie Estate started work on their bold new vision: to bring life to the barren slopes of Kadoorie Hill. They planted saplings of eucalyptus, cinnamon and flame-of-the-forest, as well as seeds of horse-tail and other pine trees in and around The Estate.
Today, tall, willowy trees line both sides of Kadoorie Avenue, and greenery can also be found within the confines of each property too, with homes set in mature private gardens. These beautifully maintained gardens feature native plants and colourful fruit trees that provide a nurturing habitat for an abundance of flora and fauna, facilitating an inside-outside style of living that is increasingly rare in modern Hong Kong.
We are proud to uphold the ecological vision of The Estate’s original founders. Our management ethos ensures that every care is given to protect and maintain the natural environment, thereby safeguarding the longevity of this verdant oasis and assuring the quality of life of its inhabitants.
Throughout the world, fireplaces have long provided characterful centrepieces and an intimate focal point for social gatherings. A rarity in Hong Kong, most of the houses on The Estate boast fully functioning fireplaces. These traditional hearths create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, whether entertaining friends or enjoying a quiet night at home.